Wellness for the Mind/ Body/ Spirit/ Relationships


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Wellness of the Mind


Wellness of the mind is having a good  positive  attitude. It is about mindfulness and perception . It is training the brain 's filter to find the  things  yo want in life . Train your mind with a  class or a session.

Wellness of the body


Our thoughts, food, sleep and movement  affect our health. Learn to  take control of your health and happiness. Subscribe to my blog and follow me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/janegovoni1/ to get the latest tips!

Wellness of the Spirit


What makes your heart sing.  You can find your Spirit  in nature, music, art .  Spirit is  sometimes called God the Universe or the Great Creator. But no matter what your belief system Spirit is always loving and has our  back! These sessions and classes can be about nature, or angels .There are many sessions and classes that concern the unknown.

Relationship Wellness


The most difficult relationship  is with yourself. You are the healthiest  when you know who you are and what you want.  When we like and understand ourselves we are able to create good relationships with others.  You can learn about yourself with coaching, hypnosis, tapping all available in sessions or classes.