Speaking Sessions

 Businesses and companies  of all kinds hire Jane to do Lunch and Learns, company presentations or private sessions.  

For 14 years I have worked at  industries like Brakebush Inc and an equal amount of time with the Dean Clinic Integrative Clinic. I do private sessions in Wisconsin Dells, and online.  Over the years I have done presentations  in Boston, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Chicago and the Cayman Island and have done private coaching at Preschools. Nursing Homes, Medical Clinics and Hospitals.

 Speaking Session Descriptions of Three Programs


 Hypnosis is not something we choose to be involved with, but it’s a natural part of our life. Hypnosis is focused concentration and can be used to change our default settings or habitual way of thinking. During this presentation you will see how you are continually being hypnotized by family, friends, co-workers and the news. I will show you how to become aware of this and use the power of suggestion to de-hypnotize yourself and focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want! Some of the largest research centers like Mayo’s, John Hopkins, and Harvard are studying hypnosis, and how it can be used in medicine, pain, healing, depression and anxiety, I will share some of this research with you. Bring your questions and discover how hypnosis can change your life! 


 Yoga is quickly becoming a popular concept in America, but many people still think you need to be ultra-flexible to receive the benefits of doing yoga. Research shows that you can improve your physical function and balance, but can also increase your ability to focus your attention and lower anxiety using chair yoga! Using the breath work and modified poses with the assistance of a chair can increase circulation, balance and flexibility. The best news is that you’ll decrease stress, and increase your oxygen levels while on a quick break. 


There is a disease of our time called stress. It causes your heart to race while you breathe shallower. Your muscles tighten, and your blood pressure goes up along with your sugar levels. You may be aware of this, but did you realize your digestion and immune system is not working well either? Due to your physical symptoms you may not realize that you can’t see your options, and often you may slide into depression, anger or anxiety. The good news is that you can change your brain with mindful practices. The research is overwhelming. I will show you simple techniques that will change your life and make you healthier and happier. 

Who is Jane Govoni 

Jane is a Board-Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist, Stress Management Instructor, Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor. For the past 30 years she’s enjoyed speaking and writing about Hypnosis, and other techniques like Mindfulness Yoga. Jane’s the author of “Faith, Love and Hypnosis,” and has been a speaker in Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, and Las Vegas for groups as varied as the National Wellness Institute, and Hypnosis Conferences. She’s spoken to the military at Andrews Airforce Base, the National Guard and the bull riders at a Cowboy College in Kansas. She lives in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells area, and loves helping people experience less stress, while gaining more confidence and resilience in their daily lives.  

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