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Happiness Camps


Happiness  Camps were created when my  soul sister, Barb Kerr and I were discussing the importance  of  laughter, joy and  fun in keeping our emotions and  vibrations high.  We believe that those high vibrations are what keeps us so very healthy and happy.  The next thought was how do we share what we have learned about vibrations in the last 30 years with other women?  We created Happiness Camps.  Every camp will be different but every camp will be designed to be filled with laughter and techniques you can use for self care plus a treat to take home.

 All the camps are held on Solstice or Equinox dates because throughout time woman have 'been connected to the changes in the moon and seasons. We feel that a woman's emotions affect the people that surround her.  If  we can be our best we can change our home. 

Summer Happiness Camp


This camp was timed to be at the summer solstice when the  Spirit world is the closest to us.  We take time to explore the theories about the Spirit of  trees,  fairies, Angels and animals.  This  group will experience a past life regression, a shamanic journey and learn to make a crystal grid.     

This is what one of the participants of the first Happiness Camp had to say about it:

A sheer delight, the day flew by. Knowledgeable and skilled leaders who were well organized sharing a wealth of information on interesting topics. They also included take home materials including crystals. This is a don’t miss it opportunity to enjoy yourself and meet new friends as well. Diane R

Fall and Winter Camps


Fall Happiness Camp will be held on Sunday September 22nd from 10 am -5pm at 264 County Road EE Oxford Wis 53952.

This camp will be different than Summer camp.  There will be a few things that you told us you really liked but those things will be done a bit different!  We always look at things like the Mind/Body/Spirit and Relationships.  In the summer we focused on Spirit in the fall we will Focus on relationships. Remember the greatest relationship is with yourself.  After this camp our intention is that you will understand yourself better and enjoy others more. We have limited the number of people that can attend so Barb and I are able to give everyone the personal attention they deserve.
Lunch, handouts and small gifts will be included with this camp.

Register at the store tab under the title "More" with pay pal information.  

Winter Happiness Camp on December 21st


This camp will be held on December 21st! at my house.  More details to be announced soon on the Winter Happiness Camp.

Happiness Camp's Are Coming in 2020


There will be a  Spring  class  in  March on Saturday the 21st.  This date is closest to the Spring Equinox.

We are also planning a Happiness Camp on June 20, 2020.  We've had so much interest that we'll be opening this Camp up to more people.   We will bring a lovely group of women together to share techniques for JOY! I will share the news as it is finalized!

Bring Our Happiness Camp to your location


Barb and I would love to bring our Happiness class to you!  You can choose the classes that would work for your group. If you would  like a full list of available classes contact me at