Happiness Camp Date to be announced


My little kingdom is relaxing and inviting , From opening the front date and walking through the  path of ferns  you will let go of the worlds worries. Sit by the lake and feel your emotions  calm.                                                  


Swing in the old fashioned porch swings as you let go of any stress. Visit the fairy tree or burn your worries away in the cauldron of Hopes and dreams. 


Oaks,pines,Willow, Maple elm and Birch

My kingdom is full of big old trees that add to  peace and  a wisdom of the ages. 


Daisy the dog

Daisy the Dog  is a therapy dog  for happiness. She is very polite and quiet. She does like to be petted for anyone that finds that as pleasurable as she does.

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Summer Happiness

The day will be when we are free to gather from 10 am-9:30 pm

This is for adults that want to grow Happiness

From 10-5 will be time to experience new ideas to create joy in your life. Learn about new foods, rocks,  herbs, mindfulness in nature,  art , chakras,  and much more.....


The cost is $125 for a full day, lunch and all the supplies you take home to create a  happier life.

What did people say from Past Happiness Camps

Happiness Camp is true joy!  I would recommend it to anyone that needs a boost on life. 

Wonderful day with insightful exercises!

I loved happiness Camp, much better than I expected!

Great day I loved everything. It made me happy!

Very well planned I would not change a thing, I will be back and bring a friend.

Wonderful day, just what I needed!

Relaxing and energizing all in one!

Thank you today was enlightening. Your insight, compassion, empathy and wisdom is inspiring.

Well put together so each person took from it what they needed!