I wonder if you let your mind dance?

I wonder if you let your mind dance? We are all learning the importance of quieting your mind and there are many ways you can do that like meditating, self-hypnosis, praying or chanting. There has been studies that tell us that 10 min of doodling has the same affect as meditating. I let my mind relax by playing the game “I Wonder” it is the way I let my mind dance!
I have been wondering about the trees and what kind of tree I would want to be if I was a tree. I have beautiful trees in my yard and I love the Grandma Willow that seems so resilient even when a tornado took her mate. She remains strong and flexible. She is the first to wake up in the spring with her yellow green leaves. The giant pine who has branches that dominate the side yard is a comfort in every season. The beauty of the winter snow on his branches is breathtaking. We have tall oak trees that stand at attention like a group of soldiers keeping my house and family safe. But this year I would like to be a red sugar maple. It appears that they are so vivid and alive as if they are laughing. I like to think they are such brilliant colors because of the sweetness that runs through their veins. You can’t have monkey mind when you play I wonder. Your subconscious loves the game and your conscious brain relaxes.
This Saturday I will share wonderful stories about Hawaii and the ancient studies of Huna, Aloha and Ho’oponopono.These studies may make you healthier and happier and definitely more peaceful. Come and play the I wonder game with me and calm your mind. Imagine the Hawaiian Islands before tourism. What did the ancient teachings teach us about healng our mind and our body? What can we do today to make ourselves stronger? I hope you will join me Saturday morning from 8:30-11:30 to let your mind dance. The cost is $40