Is Your Dog Your Teacher?

Is Your Dog Your Teacher?

Yesterday my dog Rosie was hit by a car and died. I had the gift of 30 minutes to pet her soft fur, tell her what a good dog she was and thank you for being such a good friend.  First I cried and felt sorry for myself because my friend was gone and then I started to think about what she had taught me.

Dogs teach us:

1. Unconditional love, they meet us at the door tail wagging and it doesn’t  matter if we are crabby or happy they try to comfort us and remind us that perhaps it is time to play.

2. Balance, dogs know that there is a time to work, whether  that is hunting pheasants or chasing squirrels but then there is also time to sleep in the sun.

3. Forgiveness, we don’t have time to go for a walk,to  throw a ball or maybe we are crabby but a dog will return tail wagging.

4.Letting go, maybe this is their greatest lesson. They don’t stay long but that might be  part of the plan to teach us that everything ends . They teach us that a good life is all about love and forgiveness and remembering that there is always time to play in the sun.

It seems that Rosie was trying to teach me to live in a mindful way.

I hope I have learned something that she was trying to teach but I imagine it will take another dog someday before I understand how to be open to everything and attached to nothing.