What do you know for sure?

Tonight I am wondering about the unknown in life.  I read that more Mayan tablets have been found and the world goes on until 2026.  The bookstores have shelves of books about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 along with life as we know it.

My sister-in-law’s mother moved on to the next world this week and I wonder what her new world looks like.  I hope it is a beautiful garden, Sandy would like that.  Will she go and stay somewhere or is there a short rest before starting again?

Then I understand that we are all energy beings, which is why EKG’s and EEG’s can measure heart and brain waves. Yet every now and then on a day that I allow only reality, as the world knows it, to rule, it is hard to believe in energy work like EFT,  healing touch, or cranio-sacral treatments.

I am not sure Feng Shui matters,  yet Jill had a dog bed in her abundance corner and in months went from 1 old dog  to 3 (soon to be 4) dogs!

I have watched hypnosis work  over and over for more than 30 years but can’t explain how the mind works. Life seems to be like an optical illusion we all see different things and some times it seems to change right in front of you. Tonight I know that life may be nothing more than an illusion and what I think is true may change when more details appear.

The only thing I know for sure  is until I figure a few things out I am going to check my abundance corner!


Sky Blue Dreams Anniversary


This article is a bit late, probably because the random thoughts I normally think were more random than usual and I couldn’t find a common theme to pull them together into something sensible. So instead, I began to look back.

Looking back, we are approaching our third anniversary at Sky Blue Dreams. When we started, Jill and I were still in the process of becoming hypnotists. Jane is an instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists and wanted our help in making her dream come true. Her dream was a wellness center where anyone could come for help. That dream felt important to me, so I un-retired myself and joined her. Jill, an artist, knows that creating the beauty that others can enjoy also adds light to their life. The gift shop carries a wonderful mix of beauty, practicality and whimsy. In regard to the whimsy, the first time we came into the building to decide whether it would work for us, we all heard very faint music. It was light and charming, but since we still haven’t found the source we’ve accepted that the fairies who live here approve of us, probably because we have so many fairy houses for them to choose from.

Jane’s dream was to help people. She knew from experience that hypnosis works and wanted to use her knowledge to make a difference. She was already doing medical hypnosis at the Lake Delton Clinic, and teaching classes there very effectively. Opening a center in Oxford would make it easier for people in this area to access any of the services she wanted to offer. With all her certifications in things like stress management, pain management and so many more, she could make a difference. And I believe we have. So many people, when they walk into our spaces, tell us that if feels so peaceful and restful. That’s the effect we strive for, to have an area of calm that people can use.

Since we opened in September 2009, we’ve added yoga which is so good for strength and flexibility for all ages. Our Lotus Room is a comfortable space which we’ve made available to others. Some people like to use it for meditation. There are other practitioners who schedule appointments or classes there. They offer EFT, Healing Touch, CranioSacral, Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, Chiropractic care and Qigong. We are making progress in our programs for veterans. During these past three years, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful people who believe in what we are doing and offer their help and support.

To all of our friends, I’d like to say thank you. You have made it possible for Sky Blue Dreams    to grow. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Your affirmation for the week:
I am choosing to surround myself with positive, happy people in my life.

Be well. Roxy