Preserving Your Memories

We have experienced a beautiful fall in Wisconsin this year. At times I felt it was almost too brilliant reminding me of a kaleidoscope or the  swirling skirt of a Spanish dancer. I watched the colors dancing in the reflection of my lake when the water was as clear and peaceful as a sheet of glass I was grateful that I had eyes to see.  I would like to share a lesson that I learned as a young woman from a Great Aunt.

One day I walked into house and this old woman was sitting peacefully with her eyes shut and a beautiful smile on her face. When she realized I was there she smiled and told me she was going through her photo album. I looked and saw no album. Then she shared that when anything good happened she took a picture in here mind. She could take that memory out and spend as long as she wanted with it.

This is a bit like freeze frame in Heart Math that when something wonderful happens you snap a mental picture. Then when you are feeling any stress put your hand over your heart and breathe in that wonderful memory adding every sense that you can. Remember what you were smelling, hearing, and feeling. Feel the same peace you felt the first time you experienced the memory.

However there is a wonder of seeing a photograph. This month there is a picture in my Yoga magazine of one of the oldest yoga teachers in the world, TAO PORCHON-LYNCH  is a flexible beautiful 93 years old. I framed the picture, placed it on my desk to remind me that she would be a model for my aging process.

Pictures in your head, heart or on your desk are like sign posts helping us stay on the path we have chosen. If you have picture memories you would like to delete, do it now. They were from a path you no longer choose. Fill your heart, brain, desk and walls with what you love and choose to remember. Create your photo album filled with what makes you healthy happy and strong.

Because this is so important we have added a very talented photographer to Sky Blue Dreams. The business is called Magical Fun Moments. The photographer in Terrena Bachmann. The Photos are both unique and affordable. Terrena has created a beautiful space to have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall, Veterans Day, or Christmas photos. You could have a family picture to put on your desk and in your heart. She also takes animal photos. Call Sky Blue Dreams for an appointment, 608-586-5225.

These little time outs we create when we remember with our hand on our heart or looking at a picture moves us from stress to neutral where we can breathe, choose our next emotion and our reaction to life.

Peace  Love  and Laughter to all


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