Breathe and Enjoy the Wonder

christmas tree

Can you breathe and enjoy the wonder of these days of joy and light? Why do we allow this joyful time to become a time of stress? I understand wanting to find that perfect gift, the house decorated, cards sent, concerts, parties and the cookies baked but every year it seems we add new things to make more stress. I would like to declare we don’t need more traditions, but we need to stay present, to be mindful of all the beauty that is around us.

If you celebrate Christmas the birth of Jesus ” the Light of the World” or Hanukkah the “Festival of Lights” or the Winter Solstice it is about light and joy. It is about singing and believing that tomorrow there will be more light! Maybe this is the time of the year to make the intention to find a moment of peace. Before you say I don’t have a minute to stop and breathe! Remember that in 1914 the German and English soldiers took a little time to stop fighting and declared a Christmas truce. If in the midst of war they can stop we can accept the gift of time to breathe and enjoy the magic.

The wonder is really the joy of the lights and music everywhere, hearing from family and friends, people being a bit kinder, children believing in magic and adults that make magic. Today is Winter Solstice so tomorrow there will be more hours of light as we move toward summer. What would happen if we all believed that tomorrow there will even be more light, peace, love, joy than today?

Breathe,be mindful,let go of a few of the expectations and enjoy these days of joy, days of light!

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