I wonder if you let your mind dance?

I wonder if you let your mind dance? We are all learning the importance of quieting your mind and there are many ways you can do that like meditating, self-hypnosis, praying or chanting. There has been studies that tell us that 10 min of doodling has the same affect as meditating. I let my mind relax by playing the game “I Wonder” it is the way I let my mind dance!
I have been wondering about the trees and what kind of tree I would want to be if I was a tree. I have beautiful trees in my yard and I love the Grandma Willow that seems so resilient even when a tornado took her mate. She remains strong and flexible. She is the first to wake up in the spring with her yellow green leaves. The giant pine who has branches that dominate the side yard is a comfort in every season. The beauty of the winter snow on his branches is breathtaking. We have tall oak trees that stand at attention like a group of soldiers keeping my house and family safe. But this year I would like to be a red sugar maple. It appears that they are so vivid and alive as if they are laughing. I like to think they are such brilliant colors because of the sweetness that runs through their veins. You can’t have monkey mind when you play I wonder. Your subconscious loves the game and your conscious brain relaxes.
This Saturday I will share wonderful stories about Hawaii and the ancient studies of Huna, Aloha and Ho’oponopono.These studies may make you healthier and happier and definitely more peaceful. Come and play the I wonder game with me and calm your mind. Imagine the Hawaiian Islands before tourism. What did the ancient teachings teach us about healng our mind and our body? What can we do today to make ourselves stronger? I hope you will join me Saturday morning from 8:30-11:30 to let your mind dance. The cost is $40

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Your brain is very close to your face so change the channel and start over

My darling granddaughter has way too many allergies for someone so small. Last summer we went to Deer Park where we fed and interacted with the animals until sweet Hazel started with a full-blown allergy attack. That is not unusual for Hazel and we found out that a number of allergy prone children had experienced similar problems. The real story is that almost a year later she heard her mom answer questions on the phone about Deer Park for a woman who was thinking about taking her children to see wildlife up close. Nothing had been mentioned about allergies yet that evening Hazel started an identical reaction to the one she had experienced while touching the deer. Her mom and dad questioned everything she had eaten or touched in the recent time frame as they gave her Benadryl.  Finally that very bright 5 year old said “I have been thinking about Deer Park all day and you know my brain is very close to my face.”

There was a man that was a part of a study about poison ivy antidotes, he had been told first he would be touched with a small amount of poison ivy and would be given the antidote as soon as he needed it. The man was made to believe they were testing the left arm but had really applied the poison ivy to the right arm. The left arm swelled and itched within 20 minutes and the right arm, the one with the allergen was fine. You see his brain was very close to his arm. I am a person that experiences seasonal allergies and I understand they are real but I also know I expect to have them every year. How many of my old beliefs could I let go of?

The one thing we have control of is our thoughts and just like watching a scary movie and feeling frightened, or a sad movie and feeling sad, our moods will always be affected by our thoughts. It has been proven over and over that if you put a smile on your face even if you need to fake it, your brain will produce serotonin and your body will feel better.

We hold the remote control and we are allowed to change the channel. Some channels don’t seem as real as what we are currently watching but our brain is so close to our body that it won’t take long for those new thoughts and smiles to be our truth.

Today start over with this new day, spring is the time of year that everything is fresh and new, Easter is rebirth, renewal and the time of miracles. Decide today what thoughts make you stronger.  If you were living the movie about your life what are you choosing the movie to look like? Change the channel if need be, take your next best step, put a smile on your face and always remember your brain is very close to your face!

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