60,000 NEW thoughts a day!

Saturdays Class

Your words cannot be  about losing and still think you are going to win, that just doesn’t make any sense at all. You can transform your life by focusing on all that is good, thinking about what is good. I heard a wonderful analogy today, you can take a half-dollar and hold it up to your eye and look at the moon and that half-dollar will block the moon. Now the moon is millions of times larger but all your focus is on the coin. You were looking at the block not at the beauty. We do that all the time when we choose to look at and talk about all the things we don’t want in life and not what we do want to happen.  It has been proven that if we use powerful language, and consciously direct our thoughts and words our awareness will expand and we will appreciate life more. On Saturday August 23rd the 8:30-11:30 class I show you words that have a high power, angel words that will elevate your reality. There are simple tools and techniques that can create new actions and change your destiny by increasing confidence, dissolving fears, and creating better relationships.

Do you know that we have 12,000-60,000 thoughts a day and 98% of them we had yesterday? My new intention is: I choose new things to think, I will think about the next new adventures to appear in my life. It takes the same amount of energy to worry and think about the bad things that could happen as to dream and think about the wonderful things that will  be coming for me!

This week at Sky Blue Dreams Wellness:

Yoga with Jane on Wednesday at 5:30 pm

Come to the  Theosophical Society on Thursday at 6 pm and learn about shamanism.

And Karyn facilitates Qigong  every Friday at 9:30 am

Then the transformational word class on Saturday morning


For those of you that are planning on going with Jill and I to Italy in May we have good news, we juggled a bit and we will be spending some time in the Chianti country.

If you are looking for it on the map it is between Florence and Rome in the Tuscany hills. you will be able to visit wineries or walk in the hills and take a picnic of bread, wine and cheese. This is also the area that the Americans fought in when they were part of the liberation of Italy in World War II.  I will continue to give you updates as available. I am working on it a bit every day. I just got new travel information and am reserving lodging.  By October 1st I will need to know who is going so I have enough rooms. We still have a few openings. My intention is that this will be something we will all remember as a highlight in our lives.
                          I hope everyone will have a wonderful week ahead and that I will see some of you a at Yoga or the Saturday class
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