Are you weird?I hope so!

As a coach I continually hear people say that they don’t know what they “should”do, what is their purpose? The universal question each of us have asked at one time is:  and who am I really?  Am I destined to do something in life? What makes me unique? When I have the opportunity to walk with God along a beach someday I am going to ask why we weren’t born with a manual?stork

Can you imagine being a parent with a child that you understood completely? Parents would know what they really needed to do to help each child know who they are meant to become and then on graduation our parents would hand us ‘THE BOOK’ and off we go, remembering that we are the unique children of God complete with a mission to live in kindness and joy, making the world a better place.

Yet I see people forget their uniqueness in the effort not to seem weird. Except if you live in Portland Oregon where they embrace weird. Hula Hops are locked to bike racks because people walk and hoop. There is even a man dressed like Dark Invader riding a unicycle while playing bagpipes. But for those of us that live anywhere other than Portland, society has changed the meaning of the word “weird”. Mr. Webster defined weird with words like mysterious, fantastic, enchantment, eccentric, curious, magical, awe-inspiring, never ordinary or common, instead fearfully and mysteriously fantastic! I don’t know about you but I would like to be known as that weird Jane.

We are not meant to think of ourselves as  cookie cutter made humans but a snowflake, each unique and weird! With much control, and everyone the same,we are much easier led and manipulated.  A group of people who are filled with different  talents and  different ways of seeing a situation are more open to the wonders of uniqueness. Our founding fathers were weird and they were strong together, each very different.  Also Saints and heros are weird, following their own path.

Maybe we do have a manual after all to explain some of our unique attributes. Everyone of us has a different picture of who we are in the palm of our hand.

Our hands,  each differently when were born and just like our finger prints are different so are the lines in our hands.Palm-hand-div-007

Maybe even the numbers  associated with our birth, tell us who we are. Life is a mystery and very Weird and that is what makes it enchanting and magical!

If you want to learn more about the meaning of the lines and numbers join my class, May 17th at Sky Blue Dreams, 8:30-11:30 am. Register by calling 608-586-5225. The cost is $40. Please  call or email jill@skybluedreams  by Wednesday if you want a more detailed experience  as I will need your full name and birthdate.


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  1. Beth Johnson says:

    I have always tried to march to my own drummer, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself less concerned about what “other people” think. It’s very liberating! As someone who loves unicorns and snow(flakes), I’ve long appreciated the beauty of being unique, and have tried to share with my children the importance of being yourself.

    Thanks for your posts. I enjoy reading them.

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