If your world is spinning take some advice from Tom Edison?

Sometimes it feels like my life is spinning away. Actually the planet is spinning at 930 mph and the earth is orbiting the sun at 66,486 mph. It is quite amazing we are doing as well as we are without popping dramaine. Maybe that is why it is so important to have quiet time. This weekend I was told that Thomas Edison spent time doing research and then would go out for a vigorous  swim in the Gulf of Mexico. His best ideas would show up after the swim and he attributed the insight to  balance in his life.

Although a swim in the Gulf sounds very appealing I live in Wisconsin, so I was off to Mirror Lake to X-county ski. Every breath feels clean and fresh as it travels though your body breaking the bubbles of stress like a needle to a balloon. When we listen to all the noise that surrounds each of us all day,  it is so refreshing to only hear the shish of skis as you glide through the woods, the snow crunching under the weight of the skis. There are days I could swear I feel the spin of the earth as I travel through my day with all the stimulation that touches each of us. In the woods times stands still. The ancient wisdom of the trees whisper “relax, everything is okay, feel the peace, trust the process” As you move into the rhythm you feel the peace move through every muscle and then the insight comes. We all move through life in our own way, some of us pass everyone on skate skis, some glide through life, while for others everything is a challenge. Some people smile joyful even as they herring bone up a hill. All of us know that the exhilaration you feel going down a hill is worth any trouble going up. Life is easier if you stay on the track and and don’t fight the ruts just glide and enjoy the beauty. Before you know it you are out of the woods and back at the car, and once again the cell phone is ringing and the world is spinning. The bubbles of stress will inflate again but right now, I am balanced and I can trust the process.


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