What life will you create in 2014?

Waking up on the morning of January 1st is what a person that snowshoes or skis feel when they look at a carpet of fresh snow that is free of any footprints human or animal, or maybe an artist with a brand new set of paints and a fresh canvas. That feeling of anticipation and wonder along with a bit the excitement of what could be? What will we paint this year on this fresh canvas called 2014?

For me I would like to make the world a little better and the only way to do that is to make myself a little better. So this year my intention is:

  1. I will be mindful of the words I send out into the wind and equally careful with what I allow into my ears.
  2. My cells will hear when I wake up that they are all getting better and better every day in every way. I will choose to believe that I was not a mistake but divinely created and because of that I will treat my body like a temple.
  3. Every day I intend to wake up and go to sleep with thoughts of gratitude for all that is mine because I have a place to live, food to eat, people to love and work I have a passion for.
  4. I promise myself to ask at least three times a “how does it get better than this?” because if I expect the best my life will be full of blessings and I will be a blessing to others.
  5. It is my belief that the world is getting better and I choose to live in joy, faith and love always remembering that it is not only worriers that are afraid but there is no anger and hatred without fear. So if confronted by someone that is fearful I will surround them with love and light because love is brave.
  6. This is what I intend to paint on this canvas called 2014 but I will forgive myself when I forget these intensions or when I am tired and fearful.

Many of you gave me the greatest gift this year, your time and I thank you. It is my hope that in 2014 we will travel together now and again on this great adventure called life. May God rain blessings down on you and yours.


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