Another Trip around the Sun

Last week I finished a trip around the sun or what some call  a birthday.  This week has been the time that I question what it is I learned on my trip. Wonderful lessons some that were painful and some that were glorious. I have collected souvenirs along the way but as with any vacation sometimes you purchase “stuff” that has no use or beauty. Those are things that I am going to let go. In fact as I sort through the lessons anything that doesn’t make me kinder, wiser or more loving, anything that doesn’t make my life more joyful I will let go of.

I know that somebody is asking how I am going to  let go of those things that make me less of who I wish to be. I will think of what I wish to cultivate into my life and breathe those thoughts and experiences in and then exhale the negative thoughts and emotions that don’t serve me.

Now is time to pack for the new trip. The medicine wheel will remain my compass. I intend to do something for my body, my mind, relationships and my Spirit.  I will pack courage, be brave enough to be who I really am deep down inside. The most important thing I will do is to be more mindful of what wonderful miracles are happening all around me all the time, everyday.

It is very unlikely that I will keep all my intentions I make this week but I will be better next year at this time than I am now. I hope all of you fellow travelers will stay in touch. Cell reception may not always be the best but you can always find me at


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  1. That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experiences and journey.

  2. Gina Naumann says:

    You rock Mama! Just so you know I am still hanging on to your coat tail or hiding in you suitcase so I am a part of your new journey. We all think the world of you and I thought this article was well written I love you and hope to help add to future joy 🙂 -G

  3. Ken Meyers says:

    Happy Birthday Jane

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