Smiles are free :)

A smile is cheer to you and me. The cost is nothing-it’s given free. It comforts the weary-Gladdens the sad. Consoles those in trouble-Good or bad. To rich and poor-beggar or thief. It’s free to all of any belief. A natural gesture of young and old. Cheers on the faint-disarms the bold. Unlike most Blessings for which we pray, it’s one thing we keep when we give it away.

I read this today and smiled. I have come to realize over the past few months my entire life has changed  as I thought I was busy, had time to wonder what people were thinking and I cared. Collected items because…..I do not have that figured out yet, worried about things I had no control of and forever tried to figure life out.

Tonight I realize a smile is really what I choose to disarm egos, help an upset two-year old forget what she is upset about. A smile works to invite my momma into a conversation, and see my husbands stressful day melt away. Turns my thoughts of children in far away places into wonderful memories. A smile, so simple and makes such a difference…

Our life has become an episode of the Waltons and all I think is Olivia always seemed to be smiling, so I smile, cause I choose to be like Olivia 🙂


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