Have a brave heart as you face your dragon!

  I was thinking about some of the stories I heard this week and how some of the people I listened to were living as the hero of their own lives. We all are challenged by our own dragons and we find helpers along the way to talk to and bounce ideas off of. We need a Braveheart to face the changes. If we can remember the people who have gone before us and the stories than inspire us we can use them as a pattern.
I have been researching the history of some of the early settlers of our village and writing  their stories for a historical reenactment we are doing at the Fall Festival in October. How different life was in the 1800’s compared to now. People were brave enough to try something completely new moving far from their homes to places were they had nothing. I read about people who had small children, and lived in a hut with 1/2 a roof, no furniture until they had time to make it and little food until they had time to grow and preserve it. The stories are inspirational. They suffered poverty, sickness and war. But in the big picture we are all the same with different dragons. We all want the same thing. We all want to be loved and to love, we want to take care of our families and to have a purpose. We would choose to be healthy and have some time for fun. It is what people have always wanted.
It only seems sensible to learn from those that went before us. We know that we get more of what we think about. You can call it a self-fulfilling prophecy or think of it as your reticular activating system focusing on what your subconscious is desiring and creating new neural pathways. In other words we get more of what we think about. Moses Shongo an old Native American wrote in the 1800’s “Free yourself from negative influences. Negative thoughts are the old habits that gnaw at the roots of the soul.” This is the time to think of your heroes whether they are in this world or the next and learn from them.
So the tip for this week is that if you compare your life to what your ancestor had to do to just survive you feel lucky. Remember to focus on what you want and let go of what you don’t want. As Dorie says in Finding Nemo,”Just keep swimming”.
Have a brave heart my fellow travelers in this wild, precious world!

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  1. It will be another couple of years before we can finally move up to Oxford and build our home there, so we’ll sadly miss the Fall Festival this year. However, I’d love to be able to read the stories and research on the people who settled the area back in the 1800’s, if they are printed anywhere afterwards. Also, is there any chance the Historical reenactment might be filmed?

    Your comments about facing the challenges in our lives and overcoming them, and about wanting the same things from life are so true. I had a serious health issue earlier this year that put so many other aggravations in perspective, and taught me that the really important things in life are the simple ones – faith, family and friends, loving and being loved.

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