Random thoughts about stress & fear

Everyday stress tends to cause or increase our body’s malfunctions. There are so many types of stress that continually drain our bodies of energy and our hearts of joy. Until about the 1950’s the only definition of stress had to do with construction, whether the girders of a building or a bridge would hold with the weight that would be put on it. Suddenly, ‘stress’ became a new meaning for how our minds and bodies react to the realities of daily life. Then in the 60’s we began to worry about the Cold War, ‘the bomb’, bomb shelters and the Vietnam war. As the world changed, our jobs became more technical, and more and more was required from us so stress began to affect people in different ways. Some people overeat, some can’t eat. Some began to smoke more. The more our behaviors changed, the more diseases we seemed to see develop and become more widespread.

The other thing is that these days we see so many people who are afraid. There are so many things changing that it becomes overwhelming. It’s almost epidemic, and most don’t see it for what it is. As we look around we see differences. Do we really have to be afraid of them? There are differences in people, differences in countries, differences in religion. If we stop and look around, don’t the differences in nature make things more beautiful? What if all trees were oaks? What if all flowers were daisies? If we look at a picture of a mountain we may say how beautiful it is. But what if that’s all there was, mountains followed by more mountains. Much as I love mountains, I would miss hills and valleys. I love the ocean, but if we lived on ships and all we could see were waves and sky it would be pretty boring. Would we all want to have the same haircolor or same figures? With everyone the same, what would we have to look forward to learning? If we can appreciate different cultures doesn’t that make us more of a whole person? When we talk to people individually we can become friends. We no longer see differences that we may have been afraid of… we see opportunities to learn.

Stress and fear are two of the most debilitating states to be in but their levels seem to be rising and that leads to illness. Your wellness depends on learning to overcome some of the trials in your life. Fear is a normal emotion but we aren’t meant to live in that state permanently. If we didn’t have any fear we might drive 90 mph on the freeway. For some reason though, we are afraid of so many almost everything. Isn’t it time to allow ourselves to live to the fullest? We limit ourselves to what we know as though everything else is bad. Perhaps what we need to understand that fear comes first and becomes stress. Learn to deal with the fear first.

These thoughts have been whirling around in my head since the shooting in Oak Creek. We should be celebrating people. Instead we’re often left in mourning. Fear and stress once again. There are many different ways to deal with fear and defuse the stress. If you can look directly at the fear, analyze it and reframe your thoughts about it. Are you 100% sure that there is a danger? If not, reframe what you know and what you believe you know. Many times in this way you can find a truth and make a decision.

A simple way to start and end your day:
May I be free from harm.
May I be free from worry, fear, and anger.
May I be happy.
May I be physically health and strong.
May I live with ease.

Greet each day with gratitude,


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