Lessons from Geese

I have witnessed this spring and summer a family of geese, the nest-building, egg laying, incubating, hatching, nurturing, growing, playing and learning to fly! Many times I have watched as they have reminded me of my own children growing and now gone. The struggles to get them to follow and move out of their comfort zone. Then the skills to keep them together as they learn to explore. With a watchful eye making sure play does not end up with a broken wing, knowing when to step in and divert their attention. But the learning to fly has been the most entertaining for me as I have watched what it takes as my children learn to fly. Landings are first, learn how to land. One arm or wing up too high and you tumble, fly over another and you will fall on top of your sibling. To get into formation looks easier than it is as it takes much practice to look as graceful as a formation of geese flying by or a skydiving team in the air. Geese learn to work as a team,the first in formation moving to the end and everyone moving up one place. The teamwork allows them to soar great distances. Even in our fast paced, instant gratification world, if you want to succed we have to log in the hours, many hours and learn to work as a part of team.

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  1. I’m glad that you and I are on the same team.

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