Is Fantasy a Good Thing?

Did you know that the tooth fairy was sued this week?

I read it in a dental journal. You see there is a woman who thinks that fantasy is bad for kids and it should be stopped. I thought of my fairy houses and wondered how damaging I was to my grandchildren. Mr. Webster says, fantasy is “play of the mind, a product of the imagination.” What if we decided that fantasy was wrong for all of us? What would happen to new inventions? EVERYTHING must be imagined in the mind before it can be created.
Next I wonder if fantasy is the same thing to everyone. Two people can look at an optical illusion and see two different pictures. Does that mean one is fantasy and another reality? Is my fantasy your reality or your fantasy my reality? I don’t believe that fantasy is always as benign as the tooth fairy.
Could worry be a fantasy? The Wall Street journal says, “in a time of anxiety, fantasy increases.” There is a study that says that people the watch CNN news for a number of hours a day prove to be more depressed. They are imagining a negative future fantasy. The future is only a fantasy because we all know life can change in a moment .
I came to the conclusion that what I think is….. that defining fantasy is like trying to nail jello to the wall. So I choose to set my mind free to dance and play in the land of “maybe” like Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and everyone else that helped create something new and exciting.

The tip for this week is to remind you: your dreams can’t become a reality until you identify them. Why not take a little time this week to imagine how you want your life to look. Perhaps you want to journal, draw, cut pictures out of a magazine or just imagine what it is you are choosing in life. Visualization is very powerful but it needs to be detailed. It is not enough to say I want to be healthy, what does that mean to you? What does  healthy look and feel like?

Dream the future you want to live, it may be a fantasy today and reality tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week.


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